My name is Andrew Simmons. I worked at the Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida Studio for many years, on a wide range of Disney animated feature films from The Little Mermaid to The Lion King to Brother Bear. While there, I found myself greatly influenced by early Pixar shorts and Akira Kurosawa’s immersive samurai epics like Ran and Kagemusha. Soon I started pulling together a team of talented feature animation artists to bring life to my animated short film project, The Flower. The film wordlessly tells the poetic story of a flower as it flows down a river in 15th century Japan and the encounters it has along the way. At the time, most Disney shorts were slapstick and comedic, but I wanted to focus on something deeper – a tale of beauty and life. We were deep into production on The Flower when the Orlando studio was closed in 2004. However, I was granted permission by Disney to take the project with me when I left. A few years ago, I started compiling and transferring all of the traditionally-drawn artwork onto my computer. It took me many late nights thousands of hours, but I am pleased to say all of the artwork that was previously completed has been scanned. Now is the time to finally complete this beautiful story. This is where we need you! We invite you to be a part of resurrecting this long-lost Disney project by donating funds to complete production. Much of the film was animated at the Orlando studio, however, there is still work to be done and any donation will go directly to funding the rest of the needed animation and clean up. So please use the donation button above and be a part of finishing a piece of traditional animation history. Thank you so much for your support!

You can find our previous Kickstarter page here to review our full pitch!

Our Donors

Jim Pirzyk
Angelo Logahd
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Ann Pfaff-Doss
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Vince Zabaly
Diane Zabaly
Mary Jo Zabaly
Gemma and Stephen Matoesian
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Ellen Lorbetske
Joseph Merideth
Christina Iskandar
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Carolin Berger
Jonathan Goody
Stephen McDermott
Ross Emery
James Bohne
Wendi Hamilton
Shinichi Terachi
Shannon Lee Clair
Laura Seymer
Eleanor, Mark, Cere, and Indi Yeager
Kevin Kunda
Josie and Paul Kilde and Family
Chris Gurskey
Julie and Ron Prazuch
Scarlet and John Sweeney
Karen Maney



A huge thank you to everyone that has made a financial contribution to help finish this film!