August 1, 2023
Production Update Video – August 2023

Hello friends! The Flower continues to push ahead and we are currently raising funds to complete the 2d water effects and shadows for the film. You can find us on Indiegogo here!

December 30, 2022
Production Update Video – December 2022

Hello friends! For our final update of 2022, we’ve highlighted some of the excellent character animation work done across the decades by our talented team of artists. We’ve showcased the initial ‘rough pass’ work of one of our human characters, the Young Samurai, completed in the early 2000s at Disney by Patrick Tuorto. We then show these same scenes as they’ve been refined and cleaned-up by our current team of international animators. You’ll see the rough refinement animation pass by Spanish animator Nelson Cabrera Curbelo, the clean-up animation by Emmanuel ‘Eman’ Codilla (from the Philippines), and the fully-colored animation painted by Japan-based artist Wenrui Huang (who we featured last time). You’ll see some in-progress character work by animator Qianhua Yu, a student of Savannah College of Art and Design who has been doing some amazing work for us (primarily on animating the Flower itself). Finally, we end the video with a scene of the Lady, originally animated at Disney by Ronnie Williford more than 20 years ago, and now cleaned-up and finished by Japan-based animator Simin Huang. An interview with Simin wraps up our report.

September 24, 2022
Production Update Video – September 2022

Hello loyal followers! Since our last video update in May, we’ve been continuing work on The Flower at an accelerated pace, and today we are happy to announce that work on all the film’s backgrounds has been completed! To celebrate this milestone, we’ve created a new video showcasing the background production process from concept to workbook to layout to final, and have highlighted the outstanding artists from the Disney Florida Studio who contributed, including Norbert Maier, Peter DeLuca, Armand Serrano, and Jaison Wilson. The video also shows the painted versions of the backgrounds that you will see in the film, and includes an introduction with one of our painters, the talented Japan-based filmmaker Wenrui Huang.

Of course, we’re not just focused on backgrounds. We’re also moving quickly with rough and clean-up animation, inking and painting, and even post-production work. The latest animation production materials have helped bring long-lost scenes from Disney to life, and envisioned entirely new material that’s been envisioned since the film resumed production. Our upcoming updates will preview more of these animation milestones, so stay tuned! If you’re able to make a donation to aid our work, it would mean the world to us and will directly help improve the film’s quality. As always, thank you so much for your support!

May 24, 2022
Production Update Video – May 2022

Hello loyal followers! Since resuming work on The Flower in late 2021, our team has been busy completing animation, painting backgrounds, and creating our first full-color scene. In this production update video, you can see everything we’ve been working on recently, introduced by director Andrew Simmons and producer Nicholas Zabaly. You’ll also see work from some of our wonderful artists, including animator Nelson Cabrera Curbelo, clean-up animator Simin Huang, and background painters Wenrui Huang and David Murray.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting more about these and other artists working on our project. We’d love it if you checked out everything else that they’ve done, so if you like what you see of their work on The Flower, please follow them on social media and show your support!

The Flower is a donor-supported film; every contribution helps us get closer to completing this amazing journey. If you’d like to be a part of it, please head over to our Donate page and learn more about how you can help!